Wednesday, March 2, 2016

GOP not going down without fight from The Media

Donald Trump romping to victory in so many states in the Republican presidential primary should be the event that finally does in Team Tyranny.

But no so fast!

The pundits know what's really in store for us, and it's just as stomach-turning as anything we've ever seen before. Their theory is that after the smoke clears, there'll still be 2 major political parties, and they'll still be the Democrats and the Republicans - only they'll be further to the right of what they are now.

According to this theory, the Trump counterrevolution will create what political observers call a realignment. This is a fancy term for a sharp shift in the demographics, issues, and regional bases of the parties. Following this realignment, they say the Republicans will become a rural-based right-wing nationalist party with less of a focus on economics. At the same time, the Democrats will become a voice of big-city business interests and free trade.

Where does this leave most people? Most people don't fit into either one of those categories. Usually, people who actually live in urban areas aren't aligned with their city's elite Big Business community. You can think of big cities as representing opposite ends of the economic spectrum - but the business end has far fewer people. With one party becoming too businessy and the other becoming too xenophobic and violent, will people just join a third party?

If the realignment plays out the way the Really Serious People want, it'll be like having 2 Republican parties - kind of like before the Blue Dogs were flushed out. Gee, won't that be fun?