Friday, March 18, 2016

Students threatened with expulsion for fighting back against attackers

The Far Right is on the march in Williamsville, New York.

A pair of brothers who attend Williamsville East High School have been harassed at school for years because they are Muslim. Because the school openly condones the harassment, the violence has spilled over into the outside community: The teens' house was vandalized, and the windows there were smashed out.

Now they've been forced to defend themselves at school, and the school is threatening to expel them for fighting.

When a TV station reported on this nauseating story, the same people who were harassing the teens began posting comments on the station's website attacking them. Schoolmates who defended the teens were called "druggies."

You know that if Mad Dog Bush hadn't abused his presidential pardon powers, we'd be seeing a lot less of this garbage now. He set a bad example for generations to come.