Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Right-wing terrorist sues because he hates prison

Suck it up and stop complaining.

Some of you may remember when right-wing domestic terrorist Eric Rudolph sued because he was allowed to use the prison swimming pool for only 90 minutes each day. America has Eric Rudolph, but Norway has Anders Behring Breivik - a right-wing extremist who murdered 77 people in a 2011 rampage. Now he too is suing because prison isn't luxurious enough for him.

According to the New York Times, Breivik's prison cell is a 3-room suite that has a treadmill, refrigerator, DVD player, PlayStation, and typewriter. He's also been allowed to take a distance learning class, and of course he has TV and radio and gets to fix his own food. He has things that a lot of people who aren't terrorists will never have. But it's not enough for him, and now he's suing because he thinks his human rights are being violated.

Tough shit.

Naturally - in true Donald Trump fashion - Breivik gave a Nazi salute at the court hearing.

Sadly, the far-right political party that Breivik was a member of is now part of Norway's ruling coalition. So - just as the Republicans mollycoddled Eric Rudolph - I fear that Norwegian government officials will continue to do the same for Breivik. It's part of the Far Right's revolving door.