Tuesday, April 3, 2018

California GOPer wants to institutionalize homeless

The Far Right thinks that when all else fails, just start throwing people in mental institutions. It's worked before to silence dissidents, so why not?

Travis Allen, a Republican legislator and candidate for Governor of California, says he'll build state mental institutions and force homeless people there against their will. "You will no longer be allowed to sleep out on our sidewalks, under our bridges, or on the side of our freeways in California," he gloated.

This is just about all Allen talks about - as he blames Democratic opponents for growing homelessness. That's not to say the major cities' political "leaders" are completely blameless, because the "liberal" San Francisco area seems to enact every policy the Tea Party tells them to, including laws that drive up housing costs or are aimed at punishing the homeless. The Bay Area has some of the most expensive housing in America, but politicians sit on their asses and won't do anything about it.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Travis Allen's illegal plan is "an unusual position for a Republican running on smaller government." Nah. It's not unusual. Republicans only support smaller government when it suits their purpose.

Allen's platform is so brutal to the poor that it's been likened to old English feudalism. England used to enforce a maximum wage for workers who were not business owners or landowners. It was only relatively recently that anyone other than nobility was allowed to own land. Modern America isn't much different.

(Source: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article207220764.html)

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