Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fast food restaurant unionizes

It took this long for America to get its first unionized fast food restaurant?

If I was forced to work at a fast food place - like the Tea Party wants everyone to do (when the Tea Party won't work there themselves) - the first thing I'd do is join the union. But it took until now - probably 60 years after fast food became a major industry - before any such establishment in the United States unionized!

Burgerville is a fast food chain in the Northwest. This week, workers at a Burgerville location in Portland, Oregon, voted overwhelmingly to unionize. The vote was a smashing 18 to 4. This makes this location the first fast food restaurant in America with a federally recognized labor union.

The Burgerville Workers Union is part of the Portland chapter of the Industrial Workers of the World, but the unionization effort was led entirely by the restaurant's employees. The Burgerville union already had members at other locations, but this is the first time the union was officially recognized.

We can hear society's self-anointed economic whizzes whining, "Butbutbutbut fast food isn't supposed to be union! Talk to the hand, junior! <g>"

Hopefully, Burgerville's unionization will inspire efforts elsewhere - even in states with an unconstitutional right-to-scab law.



  1. A good thing, IMIO..We need this LOCALLY to stop all the wage theft..My friend in Louisville was fired when she complained about wage theft (Louisville has a higher min wage than KY)

    Apparently Burgerville is a regional chain..I don't know why there isn't a federal law requiring AUTOMATIC union elections in NATIONAL chains..

    1. Germany requires big corporations to have a labor representative on the board of directors. America may benefit from a similar law.

    2. I was floored when I found out that unions after losing an organizing election have to wait a full year to organize again..WHAT IN THE FUCK??