Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I'm so good at what I do that I get nothing else done

I have a lot of books, records, road photos, and housecleaning to catch up on, but the reason I haven't done so is because of the quality of my own work.

In late 2016, The Last Word suddenly improved so much in quality and quantity that I now spend most of my free time reading my own product and admiring it. The Last Word had some editions roughly a year ago where you could just feel the energy pulsating through it. I hadn't enjoyed writing The Last Word so much ever before - and you could tell.

I had some spring back in my step!

All of this belies the fact that I'm not a dynamo of energy. The Last Word has become fun and energetic - but I'm not. I have to take several naps throughout each day.

Perhaps I should make The Last Word shitty, so I won't read it constantly, and I'll have time to do other things again.

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