Saturday, April 14, 2018

Duke rate hike rubber-stamped

Don't be fooled by those who want you to breathe a sigh of relief because Kentucky regulators approved an electric rate increase that was less than what monopolistic energy behemoth Duke Energy requested. A rubber stamp is a rubber stamp.

The GOP-stacked Kentucky Public Service Commission is allowing Duke to more than double the monthly residential service charge. And the PSC has approved part of the rate adjustment Duke demanded.

Now Duke has the nerve to go around telling people that Trump's tax giveaway to the rich is saving everyone money on their electric bill. Uh, if the tax law was saving money, there wouldn't be a rate hike at all. This just goes to show that big corporations don't pass tax savings onto their customers - despite right-wing lies to the contrary.

What we need to do is pass a law requiring approval from two-thirds of each house of the legislature before a utility can increase its rates - or a public takeover of these monopolies.

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