Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Quebec mosque killer a Ben Shapiro fan

Right-wing terrorism isn't limited to the U.S. Our Canadian friends are forced to deal with it sometimes too.

Last year, Alexandre Bissonnette shot up a mosque in Quebec City - killing 6 worshipers and wounding 19 more. Though this was in Canada, Bissonnette often espoused support for Donald Trump.

It turns out Bissonnette is a fan of - and may have been inspired by - far-right commentator Ben Shapiro, one of the most hateful assholes of all. Shapiro has never held a real job in his whole life and was given his own column when he was only 17. At Bissonnette's trial, it was revealed that Shapiro is Bissonnette's favorite commentator.

Shapiro is a serial liar who has claimed falsely that there are 500,000 "radical Muslims" in the U.S. - a claim that likely inspired Bissonnette.

This goes to show the dangers of the right-wing propaganda that defines much of our media. And the next time someone repeats Ben Shapiro's lies, I'm going to be in their face about it.

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