Friday, December 21, 2007

Government ignores GOP fraud; fraud allegations against others debunked

Last year, a Republican voter drive in the Nashville area was found to be plagued by some 150 phony GOP registrations in both the city and the suburbs. Local election commissions received numerous bogus voter registration forms submitted by Republican National Committee-linked workers. They contained the names and addresses of real residents, but personal information such as their birthdates and signatures were wrong. Several of the people whose names appeared on these forms said they never submitted the forms and that Republican operatives forged their names on them.

Nashville election personnel said the fucked-up forms were submitted in the name of Tennessee Victory 2006, an RNC-sponsored group backing Republican candidates.

One has to ask how these voter forms were approved in the first place, because some of the people whose signatures were forged were already registered voters. Others weren't even old enough to legally vote yet. It was later found that most of the victims of this forgery were in heavily Democratic neighborhoods, so it was obvious the Republicans were trying to get Democrats disqualified from voting by having them registered twice.

There's no end to the thuggery the RNC and state Republican groups will stoop to, is there?

What's amazing is that area Republican leaders never even denied it was fraud. Nashville GOP boss Jon Crisp's defense was that the forms were submitted by an operative who got paid according to how many voters they registered, so "this is more financial fraud, not election fraud."

Now that we've established that it's fraud of some sort, let me go find the story about the investigation by the federal government into the RNC that followed.

Still waiting.

Hmm, I can't find that story. Maybe it's because the so-called Justice Department decided not to do anything, despite all the evidence against the Republican National Committee.

Throughout Bush's reign, his Justice Department has had a hard-on against ACORN. ACORN is a community group representing working-class families and helps address issues like housing and education. I've found several stories of prosecutions against ACORN employees alleging vote fraud. Strangely enough, however, none of them are from before 2001. Even weirder, the investigations of ACORN I've seen were all launched by Bush's Justice Department - or in one case by a conservative county prosecutor.

Well, isn't that odd?

I'm not saying there wasn't some voter fraud. But it was ACORN that reported it! ACORN itself wasn't permitting fraud to take place in its name. The group actually turned in people who were submitting phony registrations. Yet ACORN is made out to be guilty.

What's going on here?

An incident in Florida should pretty much blow the entire war against ACORN out of the water. A few years ago ACORN was helpful in getting Florida voters to pass a much-needed referendum to increase the minimum wage. During this campaign, a Miami guy who was employed and then fired by ACORN filed a lawsuit against the group claiming it registered voters but threw away the forms of anyone who registered Republican. However, the judge found the accusation so bizarre and baseless that it amounted to defamation of ACORN. A police investigation of ACORN also turned up nothing.

When I read this, my mind reeled a mile a minute because it was obvious then what was happening: Republican operatives are applying to work at ACORN, getting themselves fired, and claiming it was because ACORN wouldn't let them report voter fraud. That much is clear. I'm sure the people who tried committing voter fraud in ACORN's name were also GOP operatives, and that they were trying to frame ACORN. I'm 100% positive of that.

If that wasn't enough, of the 2 people who stood by the plaintiff in accusing ACORN of discarding their registrations, one turned out to be a felon, and the other lived in New Jersey! So they weren't even allowed to vote in Florida anyway! If their forms really did get thrown in the trash, this was probably why!

This nonsense continues even today. In the St. Louis area - where election officials have actually threatened ACORN - the Justice Department has now charged several people with faking voter registration forms for ACORN. If I was a betting man, I would wager my life savings and all future royalties that the culprits in this case were Republican moles too. This pattern is so well-established now that if people can't see right through it then they must really be gullible.

Don't get me wrong: The employees who allegedly faked the forms should be prosecuted - not just for voter fraud but also for trying to frame ACORN. I think the government will push this case only enough to drag ACORN through the coals but not enough to actually convict anyone - because the defendants are almost certainly working for the GOP.

Lest anyone think all this fraud in this decade has helped the Democrats, why is it that the Democrats did significantly worse in elections in the years that had the bulk of this fraud? If Democratic supporters were behind this fraud, don't you think they'd stop once they realized it wasn't working?

Check the voting results from Loving County, Texas. Notice how Bush got more votes in that county than the number of people who live there.

Go ahead. Check it.

See, I wasn't making that up, was I?

Who are the Freepers gonna blame for that? Are they gonna dismiss it because "their poo also voted" like they did the first time this fraud was pointed out? Or are they gonna blame Jimmy Carter for it like they do for everything else?


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  1. Here's what the Republicans were caught doing in several states....

    They registered a bunch of dead people; then they gathered people to go on a bus tour, armed with the list of dead voters. They had each person vote at each voting place, under the names of the dead.

    The authorities look the other way saying it was just a "clerical error" and "it won't happen again"...but it always does.