Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Casey Kasem teaches kids about TV ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)

After profiling the 'Sesame Street' segment about 'R' for radio, it's only fair to do the similar animated sketch about 'T' for TV.

At least TV isn't as deprived of a future as radio is. Damn, that's a shame about radio. Radio has the portability that no other medium has, and they went and threw it all away. It's so bad that I didn't turn on the radio even once during my Delmarva Peninsula trip.

The skit about 'T' for TV clearly features the voice of Casey Kasem. Back in my day, I always listened to ol' Casey counting down the 40 biggest songs each week. He didn't stop 'til he reached the top, don't ya know. But that was before Casey started a new countdown show that used the wrong chart (because the rise of rap scared radio programmers).

Watch Casey teach your kids about the magic of television:

I love how the conductor reaches out of the TV and silences Casey's character's singing. I wish I could have reached inside the radio and silenced some of the songs that only charted because of stations accepting payola money from record labels, but what can ya do?

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