Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tucson gunman a registered independent-turned-Republican

Much has been made about Jared Loughner's apparent party affiliation, and the dinosaur media - to the surprise of nobody - has made no attempt to clear the air.

Media reports say Loughner was a registered independent. And that's true. Loughner signed voter forms in 2006 and 2008 to this very effect.

The key word here is 'was'. Sometime later, he switched his affiliation to Republican:


I have not seen this reported by the pop-up media. Not once.

The wingnutosphere's "argument" is that the form that shows Loughner is a Republican is an elaborate hoax by the Arizona Secretary of State's office. Never mind that the Arizona Secretary of State is a Republican. At least one right-wing blog later posted a doctored version of this form that misspelled 'Tucson' and claimed this was the first version put out by anti-GOP hoaxsters.

But that fable won't wash. The right-wing blogosphere has proven itself to be untrustworthy.

Right-wing blogs that are doctoring the form to boost their defense of the GOP are actually hindering an official investigation - which itself is a crime.

Some have argued that registering as an independent has become shorthand for being a Republican but not having the gall to admit it - but I don't buy that. I'm sure it's true for some, but it's not an automatic conclusion.

The media's coverage is outrageous on several fronts. Not only has it repeatedly described Loughner as an independent while failing to mention that he's now a Republican. But the media is also trying to manipulate public opinion by downplaying the role of right-wingers' eliminationist rhetoric. Fact is - because of the Citizens United ruling - corporations now pay media organizations for favorable coverage of the GOP. In the past year, media coverage of everything has become a campaign ad.

In essence, the pop-up media IS the Republican Party these days.


  1. Tim, be very, very careful. You don't realize how crazy what you wrote sounds! Let's move on to something more productive.

  2. NO, I'm saying that was photocopied, not doctored by the Arizona Sec. of State.

    Read this and weep.


  3. That is a hoax. That is the same picture the link led to, except I can tell somebody doctored it and resaved it as a JPG, because of the blurring around the text.

  4. So that's a hoax, but your picture isn't a hoax. You just believe what you want to believe. Admit it.

  5. Funny how you didn't post a link to that hoax until I started talking about the whole matter here.

  6. That's because I didn't believe that picture either, so it wasn't worth bringing up. But if you were going to accept an obvious forgerie, I think I should set you straight.

    And The Huffington Post says he's an independent. Are they conservative?

  7. Um, I said he was an independent. Does that make me conservative?

  8. NO, he said he was a Republican. The Post never said he was a Republican.