Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cincinnati to loosen failed pot law

Add Cincinnati to the list of major cities that the teabaggers don't own anymore.

Several years ago, right-wing city officials deluded themselves into thinking Ohio's state laws against marijuana possession weren't tough enough. Seriously, they really thought that. So they rammed through a new city ordinance establishing stricter penalties for pot.

The jail was already overcrowded, yet the city was making criminals out of thousands more people (and trying to get the taxpayers to pay for it with a sales tax hike).

But now the city has learned anew the old lesson that prohibition doesn't work, and they're now set to repeal this ordinance. Statistics reveal that the tougher marijuana law failed to reduce criminal activity, and it increased costs of law enforcement.

The city's new budget also eliminates services for private schools that the schools can afford to pay for themselves. (Ohio is one of the most spendthrift states when it comes to private school bailouts, even as the state has slashed services for the poor just out of meanness.)

Where were the teagaggers in the years that Cincinnati's draconian marijuana law was on the books? They claim to be for smaller government, but not once did I ever hear them criticize this failed ordinance. Not like I expected these whiny liars to give a shit.


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