Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A game show teabaggers can't participate in ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)

Guy Smiley is cool. And funny!

Mr. Smiley is of course the game show host on 'Sesame Street'. He looks a bit like a Muppet rendition of Bob Saget - but without the dirty jokes. However, since Saget became famous later, it is generally believed that Bob Saget was based on Guy Smiley - not the other way around.

The ol' Ses once featured a Smiley-hosted segment called "What's My Job?" For this game, contestants had to guess the occupations of panelists.

Most of the assassins who comprise the Tea Party movement could never be panelists on this show - because they don't have real jobs. The Republican Party and right-wing think tanks pay them to travel from city to city to hold stupid rallies. They don't really do much real work.

Most of the teagaggers do less work in a lifetime than I do in just a year. If they actually have any job other than professional agitator, it's usually a highly paid and powerful (but unstressful) executive position. And a lot of them just supplement their rally pay by living off their inheritance. That's how they can afford to stay in the swankiest hotels when they come to town.

Being a member of the LOSEianne crowd means an easy life with no worries.

Here's Guy Smiley hosting his teabagger-free skit:

The game show host who tries upstaging Guy Smiley bears a striking resemblance to Harvey Kneeslapper, a 'Sesame Street' Muppet known for numerous segments in which he played pranks on unsuspecting victims. Ol' Harv stopped appearing in new skits around 1976, but he was reportedly revived just last year.

Guy Smiley. Renewing America's purpose.

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