Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't own property? You might not count in Indiana

Damn, the teabaggers are a whole new plane of crazy!

After the Tea Parties demanded limiting voting to only those who own real property, a proposal by Republicans in Indiana stops little short of it.

A bill introduced by GOP lawmakers in Indiana would give special rights to property owners in several counties to challenge hospital projects. Under this bill, 5% of registered voters or 100 property owners could petition for a referendumb to nix the construction of new county hospitals.

Why 100 property owners? Why not just 100 people regardless of how much land they own?

And you do realize that the whole idea is stupid even without the property requirement, don't you? Why can't counties in Indiana fund hospitals, considering they gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Pathway Family Center cult (which then shut its doors almost immediately)?

This bill stems from a case in Harrison County in which the Republican-controlled county council inexplicably tried to kill construction of a county hospital that the public supported.

If the bill passes, it needs to be thrown out at once for discriminating against the poor who do not own real estate.

Let's look at how silly all of this is: The Republican machine in southern Indiana thinks a democratic republic means a county's richest citizens (but not the poorest) can decide what to put on the ballot - just to stop worthwhile projects. It's downright perverse.

And it's literally mob rule by the rich. Modern America may be the world's first and only society in which mob rule by the privileged guides so much government policy. The whole idea of referendums is to give a voice to the common person - not to limit democracy to just the elite who are worried about their precious, precious money.


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