Friday, January 7, 2011

Lawn Chair Quarterback: "Warding Off Drac"

Meet right-wing Rep. Geoff Davis (R-Kentucky). A complete and total pooplord.

He's the congressmoron from my district, and we call him Dracula Davis because he looks like a vampire. He's known for right-wing extremism like his bill that would encourage schools to perform strip searches of students.

During Drac's 2010 campaign, he sank to new depths. Davis's campaign goons built pretty much the entire campaign around making fun of his Democratic opponent John Waltz for being an Iraq War veteran with PTSD.

Drac is truly one of the worst members of Congress - ever. He may actually be the worst representative ever from my district. And that says a lot. He is THAT bad.

And - as has been the case with most other congressional Republicans since the Contract With America - he doesn't know a damn thing about separation of powers. Or maybe he knows but just doesn't give a shit. He acts as if the legislative branch (Congress) can just take over the other branches' functions.

The executive branch (the President) was elected by the people to make sure laws are properly enforced, but Drac's cause celebre lately is trying to keep the executive branch from enforcing the laws. Uh, Geoff? You don't get to decide how the executive branch carries out the law. If you don't like the laws, either repeal them in Congress - or admit that there's not enough public support for doing so.

Take it like a grownup, Drac.

The media may let Geoff Davis off the hook, but 'LCQ' sure doesn't. In the latest episode, one of Drac's congressional newsletters (which he sent out at taxpayer expense) gets abused like the booger rag it is:

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