Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Damn, they're not even trying!

I think this story is a sign that the Evil Empire is just throwing up its hands in surrender.

Right-wing blogger Ed Morrissey has taken to just spouting off whoppers that a majority of Americans can debunk just with their own experiences. Not only does he claim the Bush era was "the greatest economic expansion in modern American history", but he also claims America's yawning wealth gap is a hoax whipped up by the Obama administration to win votes.

The latter claim is impossible, of course, because I was writing about economic inequality for 15 years before Obama even took office.

Morrissey goes on to coo that "there is no income-inequality 'crisis.'" (Emphasis his.)

Don't adjust your glasses. He actually said that.

He thinks it's not really true that a cashier at a fast food restaurant makes a lot less money than the CEO? If Ed Morrissey actually believes the bullshit he spews, he is beyond delusional.

I guess they know they can't brainwash us into thinking the wealth gap is some sort of natural order or that it's something we've brung down upon ourselves through our own actions. Instead their "strategy" is to say the wealth canyon is fabricated altogether, get laughed at for it, and then cry about how mean we're being. Absolutely nobody today truly believes there isn't an income inequality crisis. Nobody.

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