Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dick Clark liked gum

Dick Clark loved gum. He couldn't get enough of the stuff.

The legendary TV and radio personality died yesterday at the age of 82. And he wasn't just known for American Bandstand and his countdown that competed with Casey Kasem. He was also a gum spokesman at several points in his long career.

In a commersh said to be from 1987, Clark advertised Care-Free - the sugarless gum that nobody has chewn in years...

Mr. Clark did not chew gum in that ad - let alone blow bubbles. But he talked about how much he loved vitamin G! He even uttered the magic phrase - bubble gum!

That's not the only connection between Dick Clark and gum. For art and music appreciation class when I was in high school, our teacher brang in some old American Bandstand shows and pointed out that the teenagers dancing on the show were always chomping on huge wads of this zesty viand.

R.I.P., Dick Clark.

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