Friday, April 20, 2012

More Nazi violence against Occupy

I have utmost respect for the Occupy coalition's pledge of nonviolence, but I think it's time the movement carves out a clear exception to accommodate self-defense.

I've warned my fellow Occupy peeps upfront that there are thugs out there who want us dead. They will kill us if they get the chance. Occupiers in other cities have already ended up in the hospital, in fact. The Occupy folks I've talked to agree we're in some degree of danger, so it's time to do something about it.

On Wednesday evening, I was at Piatt Park again for Occupy Cincinnati. After I bicycled up to Occupy's warehouse and back to the park, I discovered somebody had driven a large roofing tack into the rear tire of my bike, which ruptured the inner tube. It apparently took place while it was chained up at Piatt earlier, for the rear tire kept skidding during the trip to the warehouse.

This isn't mere vandalism. This is a safety issue, and it's serious.

I remember seeing a strange man traipsing through the park around the time the incident would have occurred, but I can't pinpoint him as the culprit. I also doubt this crime was committed by the scrawny oaf who argued with us at Tuesday's tax fairness rally endorsed by Occupy Campbell County. (Authorities had tried to suppress that protest by placing crime scene tape along the edge of the street.)

What if we catch some asshole red-handed sabotaging a bike like this? I absolutely believe a tire iron to the skull would be justifiable as self-defense. With the number of assaults against Occupy mounting, somebody in the Occupy coalition is going to just lose it sooner or later. When it finally happens, and some violent thug gets what's coming, it will be a moment to savor.

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