Monday, April 16, 2012

More of that Tea Party charm!

As the Tea Party continues its usual April campaign, more examples of its fascism emerge.

Yesterday, the Tea Party held a rally in Boston that was met by dozens of counterprotesters from at least 5 different organizations. One of the Tea Party's keynote speakers at their Boston Common gathering was Scott Lively, who once headed the California branch of the far-right American Family Association. Lively is also being sued for inciting anti-gay hate crimes in Uganda, and he once assaulted a woman at an Oregon church by slamming her against a wall.

During the Boston event, a police officer tried choking a counterprotester, but one of the most instructive moments was supplied by a still-unidentified Tea Party speaker. This speaker told the crowd, "We will not be silenced by faggots." This pronouncement was broadcast across Boston Common through the loudspeaker.

How adult.

Tea Partiers also committed at least one physical assault against counterprotesters.

The Tea Party claims to be for "fiscal responsibility", but how does this have anything at all to do with "fiscal responsibility"?

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