Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Long-troubled judge accused of abusing authority

I've waited for this day for 20 years.

Back in 1992, Judge Michael Sage of Butler County, Ohio, faced ridicule when he damn near went ballistic on the plaintiff in a school harassment lawsuit. Sage's right-wing extremism and disregard for the plaintiff were inexcusable, and I wondered if he wouldn't someday be disgraced by scandal.

Now a court reporter has filed a complaint against Sage that says he retaliated against her after their 9-year-long extramarital affair ended. The judge allegedly instructed staffers to intimidate and harass her.

Sage is now facing an investigation over the allegations, and there are calls for Sage to resign.

And so, another self-anointed "family values" connoisseur finds his career in tatters. It took time, but better late than never. Patience can pay off.

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