Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Georgia joins class warfare brigade

When the government drug-tests welfare recipients but not the boards of directors of corporations that get bailout money, there's a phrase for it: class warfare.

Now Georgia has joined Florida in passing an unconstitutional law to force people on welfare to be drug-tested without probable cause. This bill has just been signed into law by the corrupt Gov. Nathan Deal, and is almost identical to the Florida law that has been suspended by a federal court. As in Florida, the Georgia law even requires people to pay for the drug tests themselves.

Deal even lied about his reason for signing it. He says Florida's law has saved the state $1,800,000. No it hasn't - because less than 3% of applicants there have failed the drug test. Florida's law has cost the state over $100,000 - which is more than what would have been paid out as benefits to these applicants. The fact is, these laws are designed to drive the poor out of the state altogether.

It's not as if most of the Grey Poupon right-wingers these days are shy about what they really think. Fascist State Sen. John Albers - who sponsored the Georgia law - scoffed at claims that the law unfairly singles out the poor. "Fair is not the way you build a great nation," he said.

It isn't? Tell that to all the soldiers who are out fighting for the U.S. of A. If you told them America isn't supposed to be built on fairness, they'd ask, "Then why I am out here getting shot at for my country?" Is right-wing class warfare really what countless American military personnel have fought and died for?

Go ahead, Republicans. Make this election about class warfare. I dare you. See what happens on Election Day.


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