Friday, January 8, 2016

Ethnic assault caught on camera, results in firing

It seems like the Tea Party is getting more violent every day. They may be shrinking, but they're like the dinosaur in the sci-fi movies that stumbles around and breaks things in the process of dying.

A bizarre incident has occurred in Beaverton, Oregon. A man in a red SUV pulled up to a woman in a car at a traffic light and began screaming anti-Hispanic slurs at her. The woman said that in all her 36 years, she had never in her life seen anything like this. During the attack, she started filming it with her phone camera.

The assailant couldn't even get his ethnic slurs straight, for the victim is Arab-American, not Hispanic.

Of course, the Portland media initially didn't identify the asshole. (The Portland media is so right-wing that it makes the Cincinnati media look like a Socialist Party newsletter in comparison.) Later, he was identified as Joseph Metoxen, 35, of Aloha, Oregon. It turned out he was a plumber, and the plumbing business he worked for fired him when the assault came to light.

And make no mistake, the incident was an assault. Metoxen approached someone in a threatening manner. But the local sheriff's department says they will not be making an arrest over this incident, claiming his actions were free speech. Seriously, they said that.

Most people would have thrown a rock clear through Metoxic's head. But get this: He later called the sheriff because he was afraid of the backlash caused by his own actions. He was then arrested on an outstanding criminal mischief warrant stemming from an earlier episode in which he damaged a car by whacking it with a wrench.

Right-wing thugs were carrying out assaults just like this a lot in our area some years back. As far as I know, the attackers weren't fired or arrested, but were mollycoddled. With this kind of encouragement from Republican officials, why should we be surprised when it spreads?