Friday, January 29, 2016

Tea Party sheriff brags about abusing children

Paul Babeu is the racist Republican sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona. The scandal-tainted Babeu has long been a favorite of the Tea Party.

Before becoming sheriff, Babeu ran the DeSisto School, a "therapeutic boarding school" (i.e., concentration camp) in Massachusetts. The facility was confirmedly abusive. Back before the "school" hired Babeu, it once filed a SLAPP lawsuit against a "client" who reported abuse. Under Babeu's "leadership", the DeSisto School forced teenagers to perform hard labor while depriving them of food and water and do bizarre things such as hold hands while using the restroom. When confronted with this, Babeu said he didn't know anything about it.

Now a 1999 home video has surfaced of Babeu at a Christmas dinner. In this clip, Babeu bragged about the very abuses that he later denied. He boasted that the teenagers at his facility were "sent to what's called the farm, where they actually do manual labor" and were required to sit alone in a corner for weeks on end. He said it was "because they're hopeless."

Guess what? Babeu continues to deny the whole thing and blamed the entire controversy on his sister.