Friday, January 8, 2016

Red Monday

Barack Obama is the best President since Jimmy Carter. But what in the World of Warcraft has happened to our state governments?

The Democrats hold a 50 to 46 edge in the Kentucky House, with 4 vacant seats. But not if House Republican leader Rep. Jeff "Col. Klink" Hoover gets his way.

Hoover blurted out that he thinks this coming Monday will be a historic day for the House. But it's hard to see how the GOP can gain control of the House then, because the deadline for lawmakers to switch parties - unless they're retiring - was December 31. So the first big question: What sort of undemocratic methods are the Kentucky GOP planning on deploying to take a House majority on Monday? It's not like they can assassinate William Goebel again. I'm sure they would if they could, because they believe political power should flow from a gun barrel.

Another big question: How many remaining House Democrats - even among the few who are retiring - would even want to switch now? The Democrats have said all their existing legislators are behind them on preserving the prevailing wage and holding back reich-to-work laws, so why would any of their members join a party that makes passing right-to-scab laws a priority, especially since these laws are so unpopular in Kentucky? There have been rumors that the Republicans have offered gifts to lawmakers who switch - but that would be against federal law.

Incidentally, if you count Kentucky as a Southern state, the Kentucky House is the only state legislative chamber in the South led by Democrats.

The Republican Party. Unfit to lead - in any state.