Thursday, January 14, 2016

Year-round school nearly dead in L.A.

Remember when this used to be a really big problem?

The Los Angeles school system drew ridicule in 1989 when it became one of the first to widely adopt a year-round school calendar. The excuse for it was that it would ease overcrowding. But all it did was appease big corporations and cut into valuable family time. Other school systems copied this gimmick, for they were almost wholly dedicated to cutting into family time.

But year-round school drew protests in L.A. Plus, in 2002, a series of studies by UCLA and Gallaudet University found that students on a year-round calendar performed significantly worse. (These studies were of course never publicized by The Media.) But hundreds of L.A. schools continued using this failed "reform."

These days, however, there's only one school left in the Los Angeles public school system - Bell High School - with a year-round schedule. It's unpopular even there - but school officials insist on keeping it.

Let year-round school die a miserable death.