Thursday, January 21, 2016

Oregon invader has murder conviction

Well looky what I've found!

When I tell people the Tea Party is a bunch of thugs, they act like they don't want to hear it, because they don't want to believe that such an influential movement (even one they don't like) is nothing but a criminal gang to its very core. But now any pretense that the Tea Party is peaceful and legal-like has been kablammoed to shards.

Neil Sigurd Wampler is a California man who is taking part in the armed Tea Party burglary standoff near Burns, Oregon. It turns out that Wampler has a murder conviction on his record for killing his father.

When this came to light, Wampler initially said it was a different guy with the same name who had the murder record. That's not true. His birthdate matched prison records, and a law enforcement official in California confirmed it's the same man. The cops know this, because they've had run-ins with him over whether he's allowed to own a gun following his conviction.

Other standoff participants denied even knowing Wampler, but that's another lie. He's been there cavorting with them the whole time.

Please don't send them any more bubble gum.