Monday, January 11, 2016

Red Monday a bust

It's a fact: January 11, 2016, will not be known in Kentucky political history as Red Thursday. Mainly because it's Monday. But it won't be known as Red Monday either.

After Jeff "Col. Klink" Hoover puffed up and blustered last week that he was going to make history today by launching a Republican coup in the Kentucky House - even though there's no legal way to do it - political writers across the Bluegrass State started rubbing their hands together in excitement. You see, if these writers don't really like the GOP's policies, it would be easy for them to just buy their way out of the pain. Not so for the average Kentuckian.

Hoover's failure to follow through today doesn't mean our ideological allies at the municipal level are any less gutless for not coming up with a plan to combat Republican fascism and fiscal mismanagement foisted upon us at the state level. They'd rather have me waste time on a plan they're too chicken to use. (Why do you think I was up until 5 AM again last night?)