Saturday, May 28, 2016

Baste of Cincinnati channels Ploptoberfest

Brrrrring! Channel Ploptoberfest!

I went to Taste of Cincinnati today, and trust me, it wasn't much - at all. The whole time I was there, I wanted to take a nap.

The moment I got there, it started pouring down rain, and it didn't let up for a half-hour. Nonetheless, there was a minor plopping: I noticed someone threw what looked like a big bunch of cardboard packing material in the toilet in the portable restroom. Like I said, it wasn't much.

What really put a damper on the festival was some Fred Phelps-style cult picketing throughout, and roving from place to place. I think this was the same bunch of clods who have picketed Ploptoberfest and other downtown events. Usually, a few people laugh at them, but most folks just ignore them. This time, this "ministry" just kept getting in everybody's way and blocking access to some of the food stands.

I was tired so I left early, and I'll be too tired to come back tomorrow.