Friday, May 13, 2016

Local GOPer disqualified from election

This is one reason why the Democrats need to run a candidate in every partisan election. If this case had gone differently, the Republicans could have wound up with an easily beatable candidate for a local Kentucky House seat - but with no Democrat to beat him.

Daniel Seifried recently decided to challenge incumbent Adam Koenig in the Republican primary in a district that straddles Kenton and Boone counties. This was in essence a Tea Party primary. But a local resident discovered Seifried didn't live in the district long enough. State law requires candidates to live in the district for a full year before the general election, so Seifried got sued straight to court.

Seifried argued that the date of the election was the date it was to be certified - not the date it was to be held - which would have meant he moved to the district just before the 1-year deadline. This argument is preposterous on its face, since state law is unambiguous on this.

Today, Seifried lost the case. His name will still appear on the ballot - since it's too late to print new ballots - but votes for him won't count.

Tough toilets, Danny.