Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trump operative kept stepsister shackled in dungeon

Donald Trump's followers are all abusers.

Esten Ciboro, 27, is a Trumpthug from Toledo known for his Facebook rants against "queerism" and Target's transgender restroom policy. Now he and his father Timothy Ciboro, 53, have been arrested for keeping Esten's 13-year-old stepsister shackled in a dungeon in a basement of their home.

The girl said she had been shackled on repeated occasions - once for a whole year - and forced to subsist on spoiled food. She also said she hadn't gone to school since 1st grade. The family had been investigated back in 2014, but for some strange reason, authorities took no action then.

For his part, the elder Ciboro also posted right-wing Facebook harangues, including attacks against President Obama and quotes from far-right activist James Dobson. He was also a firefighter once, but the fire chief said, "I remember him not being a very good employee." He was fired after demanding a discount for a friend at an ice cream stand.