Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Local Catholic school implements universal drug testing

If the War on Drugs was so successful, why do areas that had the most militant implementation of the drug war now have some of the highest rates of drug abuse?

Covington Catholic High School is becoming the first high school in northern Kentucky to implement mandatory drug tests of all students. The drug tests at this all-boys school will begin when the new school year starts on August 10. (August 10??? What???) In past years, drug-sniffing dogs have roamed the school.

Covington Catholic is a private school, but that doesn't make drug testing any more effective or justifiable. In fact, drug testing of students should be illegal even in private schools. There is a precedent for this, as a handful of states have prohibited most workplace drug testing. Why should schools be any different from workplaces? The greater point is that drug tests infringe on the right to privacy. There are already laws on the books protecting student privacy - even in private schools.

One thing is for damn sure: This new drug testing program won't prevent drug abuse. I guarantee that. It's never worked anywhere else, so why would that unbroken streak of failure be spoiled now?