Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kentucky primary looms

Heads up to readers: The primary election in Kentucky is coming up on Tuesday, May 17.

I know better than to officially endorse any candidate after past endorsees went on to do the opposite of what they pledged to do (even when they lost), but just so you know, I'm voting for Bernie Sanders for President. Longtime readers should know why, and much of it is thanks to Sanders's dedication to economic justice and civil liberties.

For Senate, I'm opting for Sellus Wilder, a former Frankfort city commissioner known for successfully fighting against the job-killing Bluegrass Pipeline that would have transported poisonous fracking waste through Kentucky. Much of the press favors the most established candidate, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, but Gray keeps running away from progressive stances - which has proven to be a recipe for electoral failure. Wilder would have a better chance at unseating the unpopular Rand Paul in November.

Notice I have not endorsed any candidate in a Republican primary in recent years, since the GOP isn't worth listening to.