Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Carolina in my mind

Perhaps legislators have finally moved on from obsessing over restrooms and tort "reform."

This is the type of story that a lot of you won't care about, but which I find to be strange and scenic: Lawmakers are preparing to approve an effort that would change the boundary between North and South Carolina. The move must be approved by the legislatures of both states in order to take effect.

If the plan is approved, dozens of South Carolina residents will soon find themselves as denizens of North Carolina. To ease the change, the law will allow children in the affected area to continue to attend school in the state where their home was already located, and in-state tuition to state colleges will still apply to them. But folks would have to get new driver's licenses. Plus, if the boundary is changed, it would run clean through some houses and commercial establishments, and inhabitants of these homes will be permitted to choose what state they will be regarded as residents of.

A gas station convenience store was worried that the remap will place them in a dry county, but this legislation assures that they may still sell alcohol - until the owner sells the business.

Some peeps say lawmakers are wasting their time on this, but the problem is that the existing boundary was established in the 18th century and is defined by features such as rocks and fenceposts that can no longer be located. I say let the legislature spend time on this issue, because it keeps them too busy to implement their social and economic engineering agenda that would do significant harm to millions.