Thursday, May 5, 2016

WKRC fails in battle against syringe exchange

WKRC radio in Cincinnati was a lot better back when they did "Forever In Beer Cans."

WKRC - now owned by the right-wing iHeartMedia syndicate, the former Clumpy Channel - has been on a crusade of late against the proposal in Campbell County to enact a syringe exchange program. The once-popular AM has characterized the effort as a "heroin starter kit." That is an outright lie. Nobody is going to start shooting up heroin because of this program. Absolutely nobody.

The FCC used to take a very dim view of radio and TV stations distorting the news. It may be a moot point today, since WKRC has approximately 3 remaining listeners.

WKRC's Tea Party-inspired campaign was all for naught, as the county approved the syringe exchange yesterday evening. Tough toilets, WKRC.