Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bevin party-switching scandal expands

One of the reasons I haven't been updating this blog as much lately is because I've sort of had to accept that one of America's major political parties really is as bad as it seems. They nominated Donald Trump to run for President, for crying out loud. Let that sink in. But I've kept a close eye on Matt Bevin's illegal threats against Kentucky legislators who refuse to switch parties.

Earlier, it was revealed that State Rep. Kevin Sinnette, an Ashland Democrat, faced threats from Bevin because he wouldn't become a Republican. Now another lawmaker has come forward with a similar claim. State Rep. Russ Meyer, a first-term Democrat from Nicholasville, says he too was approached by Bevin about switching parties. Meyer opted to remain a Democrat. Upon hearing this, Bevin's chief of staff Blake Brickman called Meyer "an Obama-loving baby killer" in a phone conversation with him. Brickman also threatened to yank state-funded projects from Meyer's district. True to form, the criminal Bevin went on to gut a road project in that district.

Honestly, why would anyone today become a Republican?