Monday, August 29, 2016

Clinton mental health program = fail

Yes, I know, the chance I'll vote for Donald Trump is 0%, but it's our duty to call bullplop on parts of Hillary Clinton's mental health agenda.

America's approach to mental health has been nonsensical in the extreme since time immemorial. Disappointingly, the Clinton plan seems to double down.

The plan is full of red flags. "Early diagnosis and intervention." That's not just a red flag. That's a broken stop sign. What do you think it means, and why do you think it raises a red flag?

It sounds to me like this policy would just leave the door open to more forced druggings in our schools - and maybe even more unlawful confinements. Remember, Big Pharma has always misdiagnosed conditions so they can Make Money. Why would they stop now?

Perhaps the biggest red flag is the pledge to train school personnel to "identify mental health problems at an early age and recommend appropriate support." I'm sure CPH would be rubbing its hands together in excitement.

If we really want to get serious about improving America's mental health system, here's some things that are a must: We must establish a usable method to report abuses in the system - and make sure abusers are held accountable. We must also abolish prison-like psychiatric facilities.

Time to show Big Pharma who's boss.