Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kate McKinnon buyed Stride (Bubble Gum Weekend)

This. Is. Uproarious.

I know this was intended to be a serious blog, but I can't help analyze the hilarity of Saturday Night Live regular Kate McKinnon's ad campaign for Stride gum.

It isn't because she bubbled twice in the ad - though that itself is unusual, because I don't think Stride is specifically labeled as bubble gum. Then again, I'm not sure, since Stride isn't one of the big gum brands that bubble gum busters who are my age remember from their youth. To see what makes this ad so roll-on-the-floor guffawy, fast forward to 2:18...

Yes, that.

I burst out laughing when Kate let her gum fall out of her mouth and onto her good couch! I am going to save that video just because of that!

I seem to recall someone in college discarding their gum in that manner - and me thinking it was just as hilarious then as I do now.