Sunday, August 21, 2016

Streetcar on track to fascism

Let's get one thing perfectly clear: The brand new Cincinnati streetcar - which has already been involved in several crashes with other vehicles - is not called the "Cincinnati Bell Connector."


That is a purchased name. Corporate naming "rights" are a misnomer. There is no right in the Constitution for a corporation to buy the name of any facility that the corporation has no actual connection to, and expect people to refer to it by that name. Corporate naming "rights" are nothing short of fascism.

That hasn't stopped Channel 19 from misnomering the streetcar.

The FCC needs to crack down on TV and radio stations that refer to public facilities by their corporate name - on the grounds that stations should be limited in the amount of advertising they carry. It's interesting how those who oppose changing the names of sports teams like the Washington Redskins that might be considered pejorative are usually the same people who jump at every chance to refer to venues by a new corporate name.

Before corporations spend money plastering their name on public venues, they need to start paying taxes like everyone else.