Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bellevue doubles down against jake brake mistake

Bellevue, Kentucky! The longtime home of this fine populist blog!

In June, the city bucked the Tea Party politburo by announcing its intent to send a cease-and-desist letter to construction firms whose trucks were speeding, running red lights, and loudly squeaking their brakes on the way to and from the unpopular Manhattan Harbor development that Dayton rubber-stamped.

This vow seems to be getting some results, but if you listen close, you can still hear the squeaky brakes in the distance - probably emanating from outside Bellevue's limits.

Now Bellevue is doubling down on its efforts to keep the city's hard-working citizenry safe. According to this website, the issue was raised again at yesterday's City Council meeting...

The article says, "There have been frequent complaints from businesses and pedestrians on the avenue about dump trucks speeding through town. The police are going to start watching for this according to Chief Turner." Good.

Three cheers for local autonomy! Local control is one of our most powerful weapons against Tea Party fascism.