Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The circus barely worth waiting for

I did it, I did it...

Today I went to Cincinnati to keep an eye on the Tea Party charade. When I woke up this morn, I felt like I was run over by a bus. But monitoring right-wing displays is part of my job, so the Peace Bike got to go to Fountain Square.

The racist LOSEianne crowd numbered probably a few hundred - not the thousands the media has claimed. By having hate-filled rallies like this in other cities at the same time, these mostly out-of-town agitators spread themselves kind of thin.

Naturally, almost every local news organization was there to cover these spoiled babies. Coverage of course was favorable.

The early portion of the event was duller than the ads on the TyrannoVision. Once again, you could barely hear the speakers, because they didn't know how to use the sound system. There were also counterdemonstrators, who earned thumbs-up from passing motorists.

But then came the march. The BTPers marched to City Hall, supposedly with petitions outlining their right-wing grievances. I'll post more later about the red carpet treatment the city gave to the Tea Party. But during this march, I sped past these crybabies on the Peace Bike and chanted, "Looooosers! Looooosers!" at them. (Trust me, they had it coming.)

Organized labor seems to have staged an effective counterprotest against the Tea Party. While the BTPers were outside City Hall, a dissenter on the corner (who was accompanied by people wearing union gear) really let the whiners have it! But BTPers kept charging towards the upper-middle-aged man like they were going to fight him, and they kept verbally abusing him. The man showed remarkable restraint. I would have slugged the BTPers squarely in the teeth if they said those things to me.

When this dissenting voice asked the crowd of marauding BTPers where they worked, they gave obviously fake answers. "Uh, Cincinnati Motor Company, uh..." Actually, for the most part, protests like this are the LOSEianne crowd's job. A lot of the right-wing participants in this rally were professional troublemakers who are paid to attend events like this.

All in all, today was another completely ineffective public meltdown by the fascist Right. They think waving teabags around and abusing folks outside City Hall will get people to listen, but they emerged from the event looking stupider than ever.

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