Thursday, April 23, 2009

School officials may face jail for requiring uniforms

This blog has been criticized for focusing too much on its opposition to school uniforms. But since nobody else these days has the gumption to speak out, we must. Our children's future is at stake, and groupthink must be fought at a young age. Otherwise, our young people will grow up to become easily exploited and manipulated.

And that's how societies end.

The rights listed in the Bill of Rights are natural rights, and we are all expected to have the courage to make sure these rights are recognized. These rights are inalienable: They cannot even be voted away by 100% of voters.

But this science is lost on right-wing legislators in Rhode Island, who have reportedly voted to gut longstanding laws that prohibited public schools in that state from mandating uniforms.

Ravaging these laws doesn't change the fact that a series of statements by Rhode Island education officials prohibit public schools from even having dress codes unless a prohibited item poses a clear danger. These rulings declared dress codes to be generally unconstitutional.

Nonetheless, the Woonsocket school system doesn't care what these rulings say. School district officials have been on a crusade for quite some time to implement uniforms. That's all they talk about.

But now nationally known attorney Gary Peter Klahr says that if the Woonsocket school system requires uniforms, it "will be sued." He suggests that if Woonsocket has a uniform policy at all, it should contain an opt-out provision, like some other American communities have.

He says that if there's not at least an opt-out, then school board members may go to jail for violating civil rights laws.

See ya behind bars, school bored. School board members shouldn't be able to expect to violate laws in plain sight and not pay a penalty for it. Or are the laws just "damn pieces of paper" like Bush said?


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