Sunday, April 19, 2009

A 'Pail Poll for the BTPers (and you too!)

You came through again in last week's 'Pail Poll, which asked what you'd do about NAFTA. With the votes tallied, 8 of you voted to pull the United States out of NAFTA entirely, 4 of you voted to renegotiate NAFTA, and only one of you voted to leave things alone.

Now, this week's 'Pail Poll is tailor-made for the Tea Party cult that's invaded our town squares lately. After seeing that participants in this supposed anti-tax rally favor the hated FairTax, this week's survey asks whether you'd favor it too.

The misnamed FairTax is a proposed national sales tax that seems to grow a little bit each year. Now it would stand at a confiscatory 30%, according to most sources. The UnfairTax is a regressive tax.

One blogger said of the Tea Parties, "An outsider stumbling onto the scene would have had trouble determining if this was an anti-tax rally, or a pro-Fair-Tax rally." And that's from a blogger who carried FairTax signs at one of the Tea Parties!

The UnfairTax would damage the economy worse than even Bush did - and it would give the government even more leverage over our lives than the present tax system gives it. Surely, some FairTax cultists are going to post here arguing against our points, like they often do, so be on the lookout for their propaganda.


  1. Probably me...

    I voted no...but it counted me as a yes.

  2. Weird! I voted yes, making it 6 "no" votes and 5 "yes" votes. Then in a blink it went up to 12-5. Tim needs to investigate.