Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Holiday Inn conquers David Irving

Even the topsy-turvy world of Corporate America sometimes realizes the 1% makes such a nuisance of theirselves that action has to be taken to combat it.

After Occupy Cincinnati protested an appearance by Holocaust denier David Irving yesterday, the hotel that hosted the event now reportedly does not want Irving back. According to these reports, the Eastgate Holiday Inn has now banned Irving - even after hotel management threatened to call cops on us for protesting him. (I believe police came because Irving called, not because the hotel called.)

These reports also say the hotel never would have allowed Irving to hold a meeting there if they had known what he was up to. On the other hand, they should have known once they found us protesting.

I guess even a faceless corporation like Holiday Inn realizes the 1% can't always win like it has for so long - at least not when the 99% stands up for themselves.

This is what democracy looks like!

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