Thursday, June 7, 2012

Romney illegally impersonated cop

Another day, another Romney scandal.

If it turned out that President Obama had impersonated a police officer - which is probably considered a serious crime in all 50 states and D.C. to boot - you can bet your bottom dollar that would be the end of his campaign. But when Mitt Romney does it, it's considered True Free Speach Now (tm).

When Romney was in college, he boasted to schoolmates that he liked to put on a police uniform and impersonate a cop. A school chum even remembers Romney showing him a state trooper uniform he got from his dad, who was Governor of Michigan. Romney then talked about how he used the uniform to pull over motorists. He even installed a red flashing light and siren on his car.

Mitt Romney committed a serious crime - just like when he attacked a teenager and cut his hair off. If that's Romney's idea of a "prank", nobody except Romney thinks it's funny. In fact, impersonating police was a felony if it was a repeat offense.

The next uniform Romney should wear is an orange jumpsuit.


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