Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When a right-winger dodged taxes (a blast from the past)

Delusion springs eternal in conservaland, and here's another story that shows how the Evil Empire can't even grasp the world that real America lives in.

The Tea Party didn't just spring from whole cloth when President Obama took office. It had existed for years, though not under the Tea Party name. The teabumblers crying about having to pay taxes like everyone else is nothing new either.

About 15 years ago, a local right-wing activist was charged with federal tax evasion because he refused to pay his income taxes. He hated the government, don't ya know. After all, the federal government was full of a bunch of leftists, because somebody on the Internets said so.

His defense was bizarre. He thought he was sockin' it to The Man and that the jury would sympathize with him. That was his whole defense.

Back when the trial was going on, I showed this story to members of my family. We all had a good laugh. If you want to shake your fist in the air like the defendant did, you better have a damn good reason. It was justifiable for us to be angry at the government, as the government's right-wing policies did us irreparable harm. But the defendant in this story railed against the government and refused to pay taxes. That didn't go over too well among the general public who rightly believed he had as much duty to pay taxes as everybody else.

The jury quickly convicted him.

The case underscored the level of fantasy harbored by his political guild. Right-wing society doesn't see how real people think. They expected us to see things their way, and they're still in denial that nobody does.

What does the future hold for the Far Right? They think their viability can continue forever, but they're so delusional that they don't realize it's unsustainable. How they will meet their irreversible fall is the only question. A scandal? An election? A revolution? It's going to be one or more of the above - and probably soon.

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