Monday, June 25, 2012

Sorry, Grandma. The Tea Party took your home.

Campbell County, Kentucky! My home county!

Campbell County Fiscal Court has long been held by right-wing Republicans, and it's coming home to roost once again. The county now plans to close Lakeside Terrace, the local seniors' home. Elderly residents will have only until February to find a new place to live.

The 6-story building in Highland Heights needs $5,000,000 in renovations, but it strains belief to think a county of 90,000 peeps can't afford it. Campbell County is one of only 3 counties in Kentucky that spends taxpayer money on transportation for private schools. The county also gives handouts to developers to build swanky new riverfront housing for the rich. Certainly, it can afford to renovate Lakeside Terrace. Anyone who says otherwise is full of flatus.

What's more is that the renovations wouldn't be needed now if the county had properly maintained the home to begin with.

The vile Phil Gramm liked to boast of what he called the "Dickey Flatt test." Mr. Flatt was a Texas businessman who Gramm tried using as a gauge of whether government spending was justifiable. "Is it worth taking it out of Dickey's pocket?" the useless Gramm liked to inquire - not caring about whether spending was actually beneficial. Campbell County Fiscal Court seems to have a "Tea Party test." They spend only what the Tea Party tells them to. But despite the Tea Party's austerity mantra, the teaburglars have no objection to spending tax dollars on their pet projects that have been known for years to be failures.

In essence, the Tea Party is taking Grandma's home to pay for their own wasteful spending. I don't claim to be conservative, but I didn't know fiscal conservatism was supposed to be about deliberate mismanagement.

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