Thursday, June 14, 2012

Romney's car trouble (a poopyism)

The Media is only months into its perennial right-wing election narrative, but the 2012 campaign has already netted a poopyism to be reckoned with.

Mitt Romney likes to talk about how in touch he is with autoworkers, but he always manages to fall right on his stupid face every time he opens his mouth. Early this year, he produced an advertisement that featured a photo of himself in his youth, standing with his dad at an outdoor venue and overlooking a giant car. Romney claimed the photo was at the Detroit auto show - in his native Michigan. But that turned out to be another Romney lie. The picture was actually taken at the 1964 World's Fair in New York.

More significantly, the photo wasn't taken among the crowd of regular folks. Romney and his pa were actually looking down upon the fair from a helipad. It appears as if the Romneys arrived at the fair via a special helicopter that was chartered just for them.

Not long after this misleading ad, Romney boasted at a Tea Party rally that he remembered going to the auto industry's Golden Jubilee when he was roughly 4 years old. At that event, 750,000 peeps crammed Detroit's streets to celebrate the car industry's 50th anniversary.

But he was lying about that too. That event took place 9 months before Romney was born.

Is there anything Mitt Romney doesn't lie about?

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