Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama schools The Media

Today, President Obama hit a home run!

At a press conference about the President's new immigration reforms, a so-called reporter for the right-wing Daily Caller website began rudely interrupting Obama by yelling out questions. When the reporter refused to pipe down, a confident Obama said to him, "The next time, I prefer you let me finish my statements before you ask that question."

But the questioner still didn't shut up. So the President warned, "I didn't ask for an argument. I'm answering your question." The reporter then stormed off like a big baby.

A video of the incident can be found plumb here...

The Media has done its worst to manipulate public opinion, and Obama called them out on it. That's what the American people want to see from their President! Folks are tired of elites in the press telling them what to think. The Media is not our boss.

That may be my favorite moment yet from an Obama speech. For a long time, I've wanted a President who fights the right-wing media droids, and now I have one. That speech rivals a press conference he gave last summer during the debt ceiling debacle in which he similarly schooled Congress by telling them they couldn't go home until they got their act together.

I don't expect Obama's new immigration policy to be politically popular, but it was the right thing to do. The old policy was unproductive. If Sun Myung Moon is allowed to stay in America after being convicted of filing bogus tax returns, it's only fair that high school honor students who have something positive to contribute should be allowed to stay too. What's amusing is that today's Daily Caller outburst squandered any political gains the right-wing brain trust might have made against Obama. I maintain that if you want to win an election, you run against The Media.

Meanwhile, Congress hasn't learned shit. Fascist Rep. Steve King of Iowa is now suing Obama over the immigration changes. King cried that Obama is trampling "the Constitutional authority of the United States Congress." Poor Congress. I mean, all Congress ever does is trample everybody else. Congressional Republicans have a "unitary Congress" theory that attempts to shower Congress with executive and judicial powers that are supposed to be reserved for the other branches of government. Tough toilets, Congress. The President gets to decide how to enforce the laws; Congress doesn't.

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