Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tea Party AWOL after vandalizing Fountain Square

It seems like every time more than 3 followers of the faltering Tea Party get together, it becomes a "let's bust shit up" riot.

While Occupy Cincinnati continues to draw at least a few dozen people to its many demonstrations, the last known public event by local teagaggers was over 2 months ago. That was the day I heckled the Tea Party bigots while they stank up Fountain Square with their stale authoritarian chatter.

Later, on the way home, I zipped past Fountain Square, and I discovered that the Tea Party had predictably left it a mess. Paper cups and other rubbish littered the square. Since then, they haven't been heard from - except when the statewide Tea Party demanded that the Ohio Attorney General launch an official investigation of all Occupy gatherings. They've largely dropped from sight. (Keep an eye on them nonetheless.)

The city needs to bill the Tea Party for their vandalism. The next time the teaburglars want to deface something, it should be their own belongings - like when a Tea Party leader on the West Coast recently vandalized his own car so he could blame it on gay rights activists.

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