Monday, November 30, 2015

Chicago suburb relies on right-wing stink tank for legal advice

A government jurisdiction is depending on a right-wing think tank for legal advice. Doesn't this sound familiar?

It's all going down in Lincolnshire, Illinois - a Chicago suburb. Lincolnshire is on the verge of becoming what is likely the only place in Illinois to enact its own misnamed "right-to-work" ordinance. Town trustees have already officially endorsed right-wing Gov. Bruce Rauner's economic platform.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has issued a ruling saying it's illegal for towns to pass their own right-to-scab laws. Court decisions say the same thing. But - instead of listening to courts and state officials - Lincolnshire is relying on the far-right Illinois Policy Institute for legal advice.

Maybe we really shouldn't be surprised, because this is the town with the much-ridiculed Par King, after all. But it's ironic that such an anti-worker law would pass in a town that was named for Abraham Lincoln, who would certainly oppose this law. It's kind of like how the Northern Kentucky Tea Party gathered in a park named for a Kentucky governor who had much more in common with Occupy than with the Tea Party.